“Dear Melody, thank you for the great healing and transformation you have initiated in my life and house – what you have created is most definitely a great investment”                                                                                                                          Eros, London


Melody Ann has a wonderful way of working, connecting with her clients on many levels. She has enormous empathy for the process of clutter clearing that we go through and supports the process with care.  The inspiration and joy she brings is truly magical and encourages the whole space to renewal.”        Neil, England.


As a single mother and business woman running a very successful tour guide company, I had ideas to expand I could not act on because I felt I had reached my personal and business limits. These doubts changed in the process of working with Melody, who worked closely with me and my staff to eliminate clutter, create new processes, raise efficiency, and produce clarity.  But it was the work she did with me personally that really helped me to see my way to opening our new office. Before Melody came into my life I had no time for me, and no space to grow. Now I have so much it is easy going forward. Thank you Melody.  This is a new beginning for me and the company.”                            G. Holder, Radius Tours and Bikes


Melody:  What power of vision, ability for understanding and tireless staying-with-it! Any vague ideas just hanging in the air in the morning were transformed up to the smallest detail by the evening.  Melody´s unbelievable fund of constant motivation has made my daughter’s dream of a shared, but clearly divided room, come true. Even the air has turned fresher and lighter. Thanks, Melody, without you and your  “all-for-one” and “one-for-all” team policy, they never could have done it. And it was fun!”                                     E Sauerbeck Germany


It was really fun to watch our room transform. Above all, now I have the experience how to do it, and I can change it myself whenever I want.”                                                  Amelie Graf (12 years)   Germany


Thank you Melody.  Since you left I have already cleared the garden, sorted out my paper work and started painting the kitchen!  My friends are blown away by the transformation.  You are a genius!!  I will keep you updated on our progress, which will also help to motivate me to keep going!”      Sheila, England


I was thinking about moving out of my nice 2-bedroom-flat as I could hardly stand the “office” in my bedroom any more. But Melody asked what I wished for and started to look for “hidden” opportunities. The very same evening my computer, desk, and books were gone from my bedroom, and, miraculously, the small kitchen turned out to have enough space for the dining-table and chairs. Since the restructuring of my furniture I feel like I’m living in a 3-bedroom-flat.  2 into 3 thanks to Melody.”     G. König  Germany


It used to take me 3 hours to go to bed, now I go in 3 minutes.  And it used to take me hours to go to sleep, now I just lay and think what I am going to do tomorrow and fall asleep.”         Rocco Aged 8  England


Thank you Melody for your kindness and help.  But also for showing me an alternative way of living and seeing things, and for sharing the trust of life.”      Elin Germany



Dear Melody, thank you so much for all your help.  You should be called the ‘Unused Space Magician’.  I filled so much of my space with things I didn’t want or need, I just couldn’t see the man I had grown into.  You helped me see me

 Dan, 31 years